In a process similar to composting, SoilAir can rejuvenate even the most severely failed septic systems often in only a few days. Products that try to rejuvenate by aerating the wastewater are at a significant disadvantage. When air is bubbled into water the bubbles float up and return back to the atmosphere, this is due to bouyancy and because water can hold only a limited amount of oxygen. SoilAir puts the air directly into the clogging biomat and adjacent soils where the root of the septic failure lies. When air is introduced in this manner, the process is significantly faster and more complete then when it is introduced indirectly through water. SoilAir has been successfully utilized on projects that could not be rejuvenated with pretreatment devices and even on systems that failed despite the fact that pretreatment system was in operation from day one.


                     During Installation                                  After Installation

SoilAir has been proven to increase the hydraulic capacity of systems by 2-5 times. Because of this increased efficiency, once SoilAir is installed, often 25-75% of the leach field can be taken out of service, rested and held in reserve.

SoilAir is presently in use on thousands of systems across the U.S. and Canada. This process has successfully recovered systems at convenience stores, restaurants, health care facilities, laundromats, single and multifamily residences, among others.

All types of systems from stone & pipe, chambers, even drip can be rejuvenated with SoilAir.


Inside a chamber                       Inside a seepage pit              Inside a 4 x 4 galley

SoilAir installations - SoilAir Installations

The effectiveness of SoilAir has been proven and documented by leading universities and test organizations such as University of Rhode Island, Delaware Valley College and the Massachusetts Test Center.

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