How It Works

The patented SoilAir System fundamentally changes the leach field environment with the introduction of oxygen.

Air is injected into the leach field and travels into the surrounding soil. The oxygen in the air allows the soil microorganisms to thrive and reach unprecedented population levels. In a process similar to composting, this oxygen allows the microorganisms to reduce (eat) the accumulated organic matter, unclogging the leach field and allowing the wastewater to infiltrate into the soil. Within a few weeks, often sooner, the leach field is back to its original hydraulic capacity.

Failed to Healthy

SoilAir System components include a blower and either a timer or a microprocessor based controller in a small unobtrusive enclosure. This enclosure is connected to a power supply, and the blower discharge pipe is configured to the supply air to the leach field. Other components are also installed to monitor septic system operation and to determine aeration frequency.  A non-dedicated phone line is necessary for the remote telemetry option.  With the remote telemtry option the SoilAir System can monitor the septic system performance and forward this information via the phone.

SoilAir Systems have been utilized on new and existing leach fields, dry wells, seepage pits, drip irrigation and other soil absorption systems.  SoilAir can be used in conjuction with other advanced treatment systems to help increase the efficiencies of these technologies as well.  Projects include single-family residences, community systems, commercial facilities and even restaurants with heavy grease deposits. SoilAir Systems are operating on septic systems ranging in age from 2-50+ years old, in a wide range of climates and soil conditions.

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