Our Background

Since 1987, the SoilAir staff has engineered a wide variety of systems for soil and water treatment to help protect the environment. With a multi-disciplined team of Engineers and Scientists, specializing in soils, wastewater treatment, microbiology, hydrogeology and construction management, SoilAir is uniquely qualified to analyze and solve your challenging wastewater treatment problems.

The SoilAir solution is provided through local leaders in the septic industry who are uniquely qualified to evaluate, install, service and maintain both your SoilAir and septic system.

Our Facility

SoilAir’s headquarters are in Old Saybrook, CT. Our facility also houses manufacturing, research and development, engineering and customer service.

Testimonials to Our Success

“The SoilAir System has been a miracle for us with astronomical savings. We put in at least three new septic systems in the past 25 years, and recently we were spending thousands to pump once or twice a week, and the town was ready to shut us down. The SoilAir System immediately solved our septic problems and let us stay in business.”

— Maureen Jentoft, Manager, Frankie’s Restaurant

“Without any doubt, and with great satisfaction, we can testify to the complete rejuvenation of our system. Earlier we could not flush a toilet, run a was cycle or use the shower without causing the tank to overflow continuously. Now, we can do all of these things and more without any overflow whatsoever. The SoilAir system has worked over and above all our expectations.”

— Gord & Cathy McNaughton, Kemptville, Ontario

“The early results are nothing but extremely impressive. The water levels of our field, even with last weekend's heavy rains, has diminished significantly and the system is already working much more efficiently (i.e. the water level in the tank is where it should be).”

— Richard Cavanagh, Manotick, Ontario

“After struggling for many years with septic system problems and receiving inadequate suggestions from a variety of contractors, we turned to the SoilAir System. When the intellect, science, and engineering behind the SoilAir System were applied to our faulty septic leach field, it made a crucial problem easy to fix. Anyone with a failing septic system would benefit from the SoilAir System. It’s simply a world-class solution.”

— Kenneth P. Wolski, M.D., Homeowner

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